GrowlVoice Release Notes

Version 2.0.3Build 305/9/2012
  • Added a short welcome process to easily add an account on first launch
  • Small visual interface updates
  • Various Snow Leopard bug fixes
Version 2.0.2Build 294/24/2012
  • Small visual updates to the GrowlVoice icon
  • Pressing a global shortcut with the corresponding GrowlVoice window already open now properly dismisses it
  • Fixed a bug caused by automatic text replacement that could cause strange characters to show up in received messages
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the GrowlVoice preferences window to open when clicking a Growl notification
  • Fixed a bug that caused a jarring "pop in" of the GrowlVoice preferences window
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the cursor to start in the compose text message field instead of the number field
  • Various small crash fixes
  • Text messages can now be populated via the GrowlVoice URL scheme with the new message argument (growlvoice:123456790?text&message=message)
Version 2.0.1Build 284/18/2012
  • Fixed multiple bugs that could cause a crash on the removal of an account
  • Updated error handling and fixed display bugs in the accounts preference pane
  • Messages are now correctly deselected when the are been archived, deleted, or marked as spam
  • New bug and crash reporting framework
  • Feedback is now submitted via email
  • General updates and stability improvements
Version 2.0Build 273/8/2012
  • Full interface overhaul (light & dark themes)
  • Added support for starred, voicemail, text, history inboxes
  • Full redesign of the text conversation interface
  • Clickable links in conversations
  • Support for multiple Google Voice accounts
  • Full message search
  • Full support for Google Voice inbox shortcuts
  • New GrowlVoice icon by TJ Kohl
  • Complete rewrite of back-end Google Voice synchronization architecture
  • Multithreaded to improve performance
  • "Infinite" scrolling in inboxes
  • Improved and added to message marking abilities (star, mark as spam, etc.)
  • Ability to hide unread count in menu bar icon
  • Ability to hide contact images in inboxes
  • Account labels
  • New feedback and crash reporting system
  • Many bugfixes
  • Added support for opening URLs with the schemes: "tel:" (e.g. tel:1234567890), "sms:" (e.g. sms:1234567890), and "growlvoice:" (e.g. growlvoice:1234567890?text, growlvoice:1234567890?call)
Version 1.7.2Build 2110/17/2011
  • Compatibility with Growl 1.3
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the inbox count in the menu bar to display an incorrect count
  • Updated the GrowlVoice app icon
  • Visual tweaks
Version 1.7.1Build 209/16/2011
  • Fixed a bug that could cause GrowlVoice to think that a working Google Voice account with an empty inbox isn't properly set up
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent a GrowlVoice from sending a text through the "Text Reply" window in Snow Leopard
  • Reorganized the GrowlVoice "welcome" window
Version 1.7Build 199/13/2011
  • Added an "anchor" button that toggles whether the GrowlVoice window is dismissed by losing focus, replacing the "x" button
  • The "Address Book" contact preference now applies to all contact info on all messages, not just for searching contacts
  • Added a customizable shortcut to open the GrowlVoice inbox
  • Added a preference to enable archive/delete/mark keyboard shortcuts for the inbox
  • Added the ability to navigate the inbox with the arrow keys, j/k, and enter/return
  • Added a menu similar to the "gear" menu in the inbox accessible by right-clicking on the GrowlVoice menu bar icon to provide quick access to options without opening the inbox
  • Small interface/artwork changes
  • New placeholder contact image
  • Changed the count displayed in the GrowlVoice icon in the menu bar display the count of unread messages in the inbox rather than the total number of unread messages
  • All text fields now scroll smoothly
  • Added selective coloring of voicemail transcriptions
  • Fixed a bug that could cause turning off spelling correction system-wide in Lion to not take effect in GrowlVoice
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the message action drawer to get "stuck" on the screen when a message window was closed
  • Fixed a bug that could cause contact images to not display correctly
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a voicemail transcription to appear twice
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when a message was sent while an text autocorrect prompt was displaying
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the text reply window to hang momentarily when opened
Version 1.6.1Build 188/1/2011
  • Fixed a bug that forced text autocorrection on Snow Leopard
  • Rewrote the Google Voice login process, GrowlVoice now only requires an application-specific password with two-factor authentication enabled
  • Improved error logging
Version 1.6Build 177/25/2011
  • Replaced inbox menu with inbox window for easier management of messages
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent login to Google Voice
  • Slight changes to the look and feel of dropdown windows
  • Minor updates for OSX Lion
Version 1.5.2Build 166/31/2011
  • Minor OS X compatibility updates
  • Fixed bug that could prevent users with 2-step verification from logging in to Google Voice
  • Small interface tweaks
Version 1.5.1Build 155/31/2011
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the contact search menu to "stick" to the screen after a contact was selected with the mouse
  • Fixed a bug that could cause html-encoded characters to appear in phone names
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Address Book phone number labels to be incorrectly displayed
  • Updated with 32-bit support, which was unintentionally removed in the previous version
Version 1.5Build 145/13/2011
  • Added support for contact images
  • Added the ability to suppress all notifications from menu
  • Added a "drawer" to the dropdowns that allows for quickly calling, texting, archiving, deleting, or marking unread
  • Added the ability to send a text message and keep the dropdown window open using option-return
  • Added "delete" menu items to the inbox menu message menus
  • Added open/close animations to dropdown windows
  • Added the titles of the missed notifications to the description of the "Multiple New Messages" basic notification
  • Updated look of dropdown windows
  • Removed the behavior that caused clicking test notifications to open empty dropdowns
  • Fixed an error that causes contact name prefixes and suffixes to be omitted from search results
  • Changed name of "Contacts" in general preference to "Search" to better indicate functionality
  • Fixed an bug that caused the text conversation to scroll "over" its borders instead of under them
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a specific voicemail message in the inbox to prevent display on the inbox menu
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an extra line to be inserted after a message in a text conversation
  • Fixed bug that could cause inbox menu items' text to display white when not highlighted
Version 1.4.1Build 134/20/2011
  • Added tokens to the contact search/selection field
  • "Reply to Last Message" shortcut now functions as "View First Inbox Message" shortcut
  • Added an option to cycle through your inbox menu messages via repeated pressing of the "View First Inbox Message" shortcut
  • Added timestamps to the inbox submenu
  • Added support for Google Voice's recorded calls feature
  • Added an "Action" submenu to the "Inbox" submenu to perform actions (mark as read/archive) on all displayed messages
  • Added a "fade-in" when opening dropdown windows
  • Fixed a bug that caused a message from an "unknown" sender to prevent display of "inbox" menu
  • Fixed a bug that caused a recorded call to prevent display of "inbox" menu
  • Fixed a bug that caused text messages to be updated when they didn't need to be
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the menu bar icon to disappear
Version 1.4Build 123/30/2011
  • Added new "Inbox" submenu in the GrowlVoice menu that allows you to view and perform actions on the messages in your inbox
  • Added the ability to customize the look and feel of the text message reply dropdown
  • Added the ability to search the Address Book in addition to Google Contacts for your contacts
  • Updated the menu bar icon to be more noticeable when there's unread messages
  • Small changes to the dropdown interface
  • Added an option to withhold notification of a new voicemail until Google Voice finishes transcribing it
  • Pressing return in the number field in the "place call" dropdown now initiates a call
  • Added the ability to toggle missed/text/voicemail notifications on/off
  • Added the ability to search contacts for "nameless" companies
  • Fixed bug that caused GrowlVoice to require the discrete graphics card on MacBook Pros
  • Fixed bug that caused an error sound when escape was hit to close texting dropdown windows
Version 1.3.1Build 113/1/2011
  • User can now assign keyboard shortcuts to composing a text, placing a call, and replying to the most recent notification
  • Now compatible with Google's two-way authentication system
  • New preference menu to select a "preferred phone" for making calls
  • Small update to icon
  • Changed the behavior of the basic notifications so that they won't interrupt an already-open dropdown window
  • Reworked the login mechanism to better handle errors and no longer report failed logins as successful
  • Fixed bug that causes only the first thousand contacts to be downloaded for people more than a thousand contacts
  • Pressing escape in any of the text boxes in a dropdown now closes the dropdown window
  • Fixed a bug that caused an inability to paste into an empty contact search bar
  • Added a button that appears in the dropdown windows if a basic notification fires when that window is open, allows you to click to reply to the notification
  • GrowlVoice now stores cookies between launches
  • Now uses past previously fetched contacts to populate the contact search field while updating contacts
  • Added a "start at login" checkbox to first-launch welcome configuration window
  • Small dropdown UI changes
  • Fixed some small memory management issues
Version 1.2Build 92/11/2011
  • New interface for composing text messages
  • New interface for placing calls
  • Overhaul of the dropdown window interface
  • Get Instant notifications of new messages
  • Text reply now updates thread on display
  • Fixed crash caused by attempting to log in multiple times
  • Various small bug fixes
Version 1.1Build 82/03/2011
  • New interface for replying to & reading text messages
  • New interface for returning missed calls
  • Listen to voicemails and read their transcripts
  • New interface for listening to voicemails and reading their transcripts
  • New menu bar icon
  • Changed notification preference pane icon to better reflect functionality
  • Added link to Google Voice settings in "Google Voice" tab of settings
  • Fixed bug that caused some users to be unable to log in
  • Fixed bug that occasionally caused Safari to log out of Google Voice
  • Fixed bug that caused an "invalid email address" error to be considered a successful login
  • Fixed bug that caused menu bar icon to disappear when clicked
  • Fixed bug that caused GrowlVoice to hang when being disconnected and reconnecting to the internet